Cocoa Forecast on PTM Forum

On June 12th, 2005 the PTM Forum members were alerted to Cocoa making a weekly top for week 6/24. This particular weekly cycle turn date appeared on our Ceppro Report as early as the June 3rd report.

On June 25th, when week 6/24 had completed and closed, the membership was then reminded about the original June 12th forecast and that week 6/24 has produced a high at Gann Angle resistance. The PTM Forum members were therefore alerted in advance and at the very moment to expect a market top in Cocoa.

Below is the actual forum comments and then followed by a recent price chart (September 2nd, 2005) showing what has transpired since that week in June.

And below is the current weekly chart of Cocoa as of September 02, 2005